Now I can post my gripes

An aside: u found a free blogger application for the iPhone. I can’t tag posts or edit the tyeface but at least I can post and modify the appearance later.

To start, this will not be a very technical post instead a compokagion of some of my initial iPhone reactions. I am trying to publish where I stand on the battle for iPhone functionality and don’t intend to uncover any new truths. Topics will be described byname, my awareness to them prior to purchase and my current feelings gowards the mater.

Copy and paste
Nothing new to add to what the Internet critics gave already said.

Notification LED
Underestimated, disagreed
I thought this was a minimal complaint of balckberry converts. It would be great go kniwnif k have a missed call without interacting with the device and, perhaps more importantly, know if the device is evenin.

Better camera, flash
Owning the device though, I wish it had both

Customization of hiding unused native apps
I have a sutuon for the application I am designing, why doesn’t apple?

Landcape keyboard in more applications
I initially thought I would want this. As I peck at the portrait keyboard writing this post and autocorrect covers for the size of my finger, I was wrong. It works great as is. It might even be faster given the Fitts law sudd of life.

Battery life
But this kachina needs it.

Customize dictionary
Why can I turn off autocorrect thanks to firmware 2.2 but I can’t add my own shorthand? Rimm definitely has the victory here.

Multiple apps
Though in all honesty they need a better battery first.

Louder ring, better vibrate
But if my phone is in my pocket on the other end if my short desk you might as well put up smoke signals.

So I said nothing
New but I felt obligated to post my iPhone wishes now that I am a full user for a week

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