When do names catch up with technology?

The carriage became the horseless carriage and is now called the automobile or the car.

Cellphones are slowly going through the same transformation. As technology changes the actual system no longer exists. Cell phones are being called mobile phones or mobile devices on a more frequent basis. This is an appropriate transition considering fewer and fewer calls are made using the cell technology of the early eighties.

Still on the plane today the pilot asked that all electrical devices be turned off including cell phones. This prompted this thought knowing that mobile phones do not interfere with plane signals. Believe me, I am glad people cannot talk on phones in airplanes. It does make me wonder though when society catches up to technology.

At what point will airlines no longer refer to cell phones? Is it one final technological leap we are waiting for or is there a social tipping point when terminology changes. What is the needed saturation point for technology’s appropriate or correct term to make it into the mainstream?

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