My airport rant

I have always beleived that airports are the one place that show people in their true form. Everyone has a destination a mission and it is interesting to watch the different personalities. I am no exception to this either.

Today, the Sunday at the close of Thanksgiving weekend, I have missed my connecting flight. A combination of weather, human error, and preventable measures by the airline such as waiting five minutes for my flight to arrive could have avoided this post and my now four hour layover.

Still all of what I have written is just to introduce the true confusion. Knowing I need a flight to Pittsburgh the airline attendant tells me I am on standby for a two-legged flight leaving in five hours. I was already on one leg and did not want two more on top of my new-found delay so I ask if there are flights on any other airlines. I am told they cannot interface with the other airlines from within security and they cannot help me. Calling my family we are able to find a direct flight leaving in half the time weather permitting that is cheaper.

So now I am waiting for the cheper, direct flight and I ask:
Why can anyone with an Internet connection reroute my travel plans from essentially anywhere in the states but the attendent at the airport can’t even col up my flight information?

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