Is print dead? How we get the news

An interesting observation today as I eat my lunch.

I sit in my chair eating and reading articles from my iPhone.
The other designer in my office sits, eating his lunch, reading news articles from the newspaper.

So I ask, is print dead? Many would say yes or at least that it is a dying media. It is interesting though how two people can access the same information from different sources.

Really that’s not the interesting part but our choice in methods. I have a background in industrial design and HCI. His background is in graphic design and information architecture. That being said our choices for how we reach media is clear.

He is grounded in the tangible print while I am grounded on the multimedia realm. One is not better than the other and there is no right and wrong. I find it curious though how our training permeates through every part of our lives. It also shows the importance of understanding the entire work flow and process of a user. People don’t describe their motivation. Look a little closer though and reasons for choosing chocolate over vanilla are clear.

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