Good Marketing?

Driving out to Squirrel Hill recently I saw a billboard that read:
Text BELIEVE to shortcode.

Now I don’t remember the short code and have no intention of sending that message but it got me thinking about some new marketing technology has enabled.

The billboard was consumed with maybe 18 characters total. And they were white letters on a red board. Very noticeable-very clear- the message told me what to do and it was my decision wether or not to follow it.

I am curious though what type of information I would have received had I sent that text.

I assume it is put up by a religious organization so would I get a quote from a book of prayer?

Would it start an SMS conversation with a higher being?

Would it charge my account an absurd amount of money?

What type of spam list would I be subjecting myself to?

Or is it all an elaborate social experiment of a bored researcher to see how many hits the billboard will actually summon.

Regardless of the reason the direct messaging is fascinating and I am curious how the marketing team decided on a brief viral campaign over an image or text heavy message.

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