More funny mental models

The first design post of 2009 and immediately I am going to criticize my innapropriate mental model of how the real world works.

Usually I catch the 6B bus to work. It’s a standard bus with a front and back door and I always get to stand for a lack of seats. Occasionally, I catch the 6C. This bus comes earlier an is nothing like a bus… More like a party bus for bar crawls. All seats ad nowhere to stand, it is generally full but not crowded.

Now riding in today I happened to catch the early, smaller bus. About halfway through my mile and a half journey I began to think:
Wow the bus is stopping a lot more than usual.

My brain had made the assumption that being a smaller bus it should have fewer stops despite the routes are the same between the two busses between my apartment and work.

Once again I had to laugh at myself and how my brain makes assumptions based on observations.

I will never st tired of matching incorrect mental models with the physical world.

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