MVC and alan cooper’s inmates

MVC stands for model, view, controller and is the idea of separating Interface from functioning code to interactive elements. That is a blanket statement with many gaps but let us assume it is true. With that in mind, code and user interface happen in separate places, completely unique from eachother. In the web world, this means you may change the layout without consulting the owner of the content.

Now take into consideration alan cooper’s book “the inmates are running the asylum”. Again to paraphrase, cooper suggests that developers and designers need to work hand in hand from the beginning for a sucessful product. All stakeholders involved in development need to have a mutual understanding of eachothers needs and motivations and willingness to find solutions. So how does that model, that I agree with, compare to MVC?

If the design and the code are fundamentally separate, what is instigating their interaction? I do not think a new model has to be made for code. Instead, there needs to be a change to how the mental model of development is taught to parties involved. This happens in some academic program such as Carnegie Mellon’s HCI program that I am a product of. Still, the majority of design and computer science education lives remote of the other fields involved. Until joint education is widespread the inmates issue cooper described by cooper will continue to exist and design, marketing, and developers will continue to struggle in the attempt to find a cohesive product.

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