My center click gripe

A simple gripe about web browsers and navigation.

When searching through the Internet, I often come across links to pages I want to further investigate. This is, of course the intent of the Internet. My typical interaction is to cnter click a link to open it in a new tab. This solves a variety of browser based issues. It minimizes the number of windows open. It loads data I want while reading the current page. It is a single action.

Now enter javascript. Many sites use javascript to open links in new widows or tabs (browser specific). This is great in the case of FAQ pages and third party sites. In fact, one could argue it negates my need to center click.

That is the problem though. It does not negate it. Instead of opening my new tab, I am directed to a tab with a single line of jss and no actual content. Why does the hack provided by developers negate the hack I have taught myself? Shouldn’t center click still work, especially if my hack and the jss solve the same interaction dilemma? Users should not learn a hack because of an application’s shortcomings only to have a workaround sparingly implemented come along and cause that solution unhelpful. There needs to be more standardization across development and, perhaps more importantly, more acceptance from the system to a variety of inputs that aide the same result.

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