AT&T’s Poor, no innapropriate, billing design

This is a rant, plain and simple but Twitter’s 140 characters is not enough to explain this.

This is my AT&T plan:

450 anytime (A)

5000 nights and weekends (NW)

Free mobile to mobile on AT&T (M2M)

Now this is how they bill you:

Anytime: 6AM-9PM, Mon-Fri

Nights and Weekends: 9PM-6AM, Mon-Fri, All Saturday and Sunday

Now M2M calls keep the anytime minutes very low. Nights and weekends are another thing. They count the 5000 down first.

So, to simply put it, lets say I make 5000 minutes of M2M calls the first three weeks of the month during NW hours. Then, in the last week i make 1000 NW minutes to non-AT&T customers. My mobile to mobile dont count and the extra 1000 dips into either my rollover or I get billed an arm and a leg.

On the other hand, if i make 5000 minutes of non-ATT calls the first three weeks of NW and 1000 M2M the final week, no dip into my rollover, no additional fees.

The definition of Mobile to Mobile is the following:
“Mobile to Mobile minutes apply to calls made to and from other AT&T wireless customers. For customers with our Unity plan, Mobile to Mobile minutes apply to AT&T wireless and wireline customers.”

And I had to search five full minutes to find that link. Nowhere does it mention their method of counting minutes. No where does it describe the double counting of UNLIMITED M2M calls as NW calls.

AT&T fix this. NW calls should NOT be affected by any M2M calls. Your billing method is inconsistent, unfair, and took me 10 minutes to explain the ridiculousness to your own customer service reps.

2 Responses to “AT&T’s Poor, no innapropriate, billing design”

  1. 1 HarmImasp December 11, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Wow loved reading this blogpost. I submitted your rss to my google reader!!

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