AirMouse iPhone App Review

For the last eight months or so I have set up my old laptop as a glorified Netlflix player connected to my telivision. In order to maintain off the couch access to my controls this led to a less than ideal environment with cabled hovering three feet above the ground across the span of my apartment.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to AirMouse last Saturday that all my problems were solved. AirMouse is an iPhone or iPod touch application that turns the mobile device into a trackpad and keyboard.

Installation of AirMouse was more than simple. I downloaded the free desktop client and the $2.99 (on sale) app to my device. After a basic clickthrough installation (Windows XP) my device immediately recognized my machine over my secure WiFi network.


The app is very straightforward. Portrait mode offers a mouse and keyboard and landscape mode hides the keyboard with a simple shake. QWERTY keyboard, function keys, media and web controls are all accessible through custom keyboards.



Simple, straightforward, and easy to use. This is not an emulator nor is it intended to be one. You will not see your PC on your iPhone but you will see immediate response on your monitor. In my first week with the app I have used Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, and Gmail through my television using my iPhone.


In using AirMouse I came across a few usability issues.

  • Cryptic KeyboardsKnowing what controls are in each mode takes some learning. There is also no clear hierarchy among the menus and it takes some search and pecking to find the desired state.
  • Screen Relic In portrait mode, the top row of letters in the keyboard is often unresponsive. Closing and reopening the application generally solves the issue but it is a workaround I should not need to engage in.
  • WiFi Connection The ability for the app to recognize a WiFi network is hit or miss. My router is next to my television yet opening AirMouse causes my iPhone to lose the WiFi network. It usually takes a few restarts of the app and occasionally a full device reboot to recognize my WiFi network and actually connect to the desktop client.
  • Landscape Relic An amusing defect, the keyboard occasionally leaves a relic of the landscape orientation depending on if the keyboard has been hidden before rotation. A simple memory fix but still a nuisance. landscaperelic


Barring the above issues this app is a gem. Check out the Demo Videos provided by the developers. This is a must have app for anyone with a secure WiFi connection and an iPhone or iPod Touch and the desire to set up a PC or Mac to their entertainment system.

1 Response to “AirMouse iPhone App Review”

  1. 1 Mike O'Shea August 30, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Read this review and picked up air mouse. Read other reviews and decided to also get Remote Jr, loving that too.

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