Labor Day weekend and the start of College Football season. It marks the end of a winter of sports, ironically in the summertime. Last year I got basic cable and also had ESPN access. This year I only get the standard cable and lost my ESPN. I thought it would be harder to watch all of my college football until a commercial yesterday for ESPN 360– free to Comcast internet subscribers. Long story short, I was able to stream the OSU v USC game last night and was quite pleased at the final score. The registration and sign up experience for ESPN 360 though was impressive.

I logged onto the website provided in the commercial with a series of expectations. I was resigned that something, anything would go wrong and would keep me from getting ESPN live to my computer. I was expecting to have to rummage through my files for my billing and account number, provide my social security number and an esoteric pin that I would be lucky to recognize on a sunny day.

The truth could not be further from that. This is the modern technology driven day, and ESPN 360 is free to Comcast subscribers. What is an easier way to know if someone is a Comcast subscriber than if their internet connection is coming from a Comcast hub? No enrollment or identity verification, the only work on my side was installing a Flash plugin to allow the streaming content access to my machine. The process could not be simpler and I am happy to say I have watched more games this weekend through the computer to tv setup then I ever would have expected.

Good job to Comcast and ESPN for making the setup process essentially obsolete. You have more than exceeded my expectations in this event and for that I am grateful, not to say anything for my gratitude to be able to watch more football on the weekends now.

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