Twitter, Feature Functions in Want

Over the last year Twitter has expanded its functionality to include many new features. From a more streamlined log on process to better filtering of trending topics friends and followers, Twitter has made steps towards a more efficient product. There are still a lot of features I want to see in the native site though that are currently left out.

Sort Friends and Followers

Accessing my friends and followers list I am presented with a single order – date added. While this was useful in the beginning, I have reached critical mass (at over 100 in each) and I can no longer remember when I added a friend or follower. I want to see Twitter enable sorting. Allow me to sort my friends and followers alphabetically by name or by username, location, or simply a Facebook style directory search of my friends.

Search Friends and Followers

That leads to my second ask. To be able to search friends and followers. I know I want to find a username to send an @reply to. But I need to search through 20+ pages of friends to find them. Let me search ‘Farkas’ to find my brother’s username rather than paging through my entire network.

Directory Search

On a similar note, let me search the entire Twitter directory. If i want to find anyone who has ‘design’ in their username let me create a search “users with ‘design’ in name” and get a return of all those profiles. Similarly, let me search anyone with ‘IxD’ in their profile description. Much of my networking in Twitter is made word of mouth. I will follow a designer I recently found and will page through their network for other individuals I might be interested in. While this is good for increasing my network, there comes a point where I see the same 20 profiles time and time again.

Detailed Profiles

I want to preface this by saying this is NOT a Facebook request. I want to be able to view simple pedigree data in a detailed profile – contact information, additional links, etc. Make this detailed profile available only to users who follow me and I follow in return and you have a small degree of privacy and checks and balances.


These are just a handful of Twitter requests I have thought about over the last week. As I become more involved in discussing the Web2.0 presence at work I have had more exposure to the intricacies of Twitter. This is by no means an inclusive list of nice-to-haves but some key features I think would be helpful to the Twitter community at large. What features would you like to see in Twitter?

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