Two Cents on Design

Designers are not meant to create one version of a design. We are not meant to put lipstick on a pig. We are not meant to blindly satisfy guidelines with no sense of the bigger picture. Design is an iterative process based on lessons learned, gut feelings and cultural and personal preferences. But how to qualify the creative field when so much of it is based on emotional reasoning?

How do you mop the floor? Start at the far end of the room and finish at the door. Ask a child to do the same task and you are likely to find footsteps from the far corner to the door as the child quite literally painted themselves in a corner and had to walk across the room to get out.

Design is the same way. We have all been young children in the design world (and for the most part I am just a tween in that realm). But we have all painted ourselves into a corner (at least) once. If we are smart we learn from that experience. Just as you do not think to explain how to mop a floor to me, let me design. Trust in a designer’s experience and hindsight from previous follies. I do not mean, nor do I ask that designers have carte blanche. A preference between Lysol and Mr.Clean? Dry or wet mopping? We as designers relish the opportunity to design within constraints. But let us design. When scope and requirements change at a whim, and when there is no consistent voice critiquing there is no direction to go in. If all that is being asked of designers is to fit into an ever changing set of requirements there will be no success in the product – no consistency to the design. Let us do what we do, let us design.

I apologize for the design == mopping metaphor, it was the first to come to mind during this writing.

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