The iPhone is a Gateway Drug

‘The iPhone is a gateway drug.’

‘Wait, the iPhone is, well, a phone.’

‘True, but in terms of technology and Apple, the iPhone is a gateway drug.’

This is my decision after looking at my technology recommendations to friends and family, as well as my own purchase plans.

Three years ago I purchased my first Apple product. As a pro-PC designer I had a certain amount of pride to never relying on the clean aesthetic of Apple machines. Still, I was in the market for a new mp3 player and after 5 years with an HP iRiver I believed the best experience would be with an iPod so I caved and got the 30gb video.

The iPod did not change my stance on Apple though. The overpriced machines that many people then perform standard windows operations on. The iPhone launched and I saw it as an impressive step in the world of mobile. I was still in school though and didn’t see a need for a smart phone, let alone one that could replace my iPod and drain the battery at 3x the rate.

Then I graduated, working in the professional world and was due for a new phone. Developing iPhone apps, I saw it appropriate I own the platform I am working on. So, last November I took the plunge and to much ridicule from family who knows me as the ‘anti-apple’ got the iPhone.

This is when the change happened. And this is why I believe the iPhone is a gateway drug. Since my purchase of the iPhone I have convinced more friends and family to buy iMacs and MacBooks over Toshibas, HPs, and other popular PC brands. Knowing I will be in the market for a new personal computer in the next 12 months, I have already started setting aside the funds needed for the 27” iMac (or whatever comes out next).

So, I am a convert. I am a willing convert but I can’t help it started that one afternoon where I was peer pressured in trying the iPhone. So parent be ware. It’s not just what’s in your medicine cabinet that can destroy your children, it’s the iPhone. It’s a gateway drug into the Apple world and though I can quit any time, why would I ever want to go back to the dull world of PCs?

1 Response to “The iPhone is a Gateway Drug”

  1. 1 Margaret November 5, 2009 at 11:53 am

    LOL I’m with you. A little over a year ago I bought an iPhone. I’m still obsessed with it.

    I’ve never been “anti-apple” or “pro-pc” ~ I’ve always thought the war between the two was pretty sophomoric.

    At the time I bought one, I needed a smart phone to have access to emails no matter where I was. I was intrigued with the iPhone, so I got one.

    Yup, I’m hooked. Haven’t yet made the jump to an iMac, but we’ll see what the future holds. :->

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