TV’s 6 Degrees and My Muddled Mind

We all know about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon or more commonly known as Six Degrees of Separation. I love the game and have some personal pride in being a walking IMDB of sorts being able to connect some rather obscure actors to each other. Still, when watching television and movies I like to immerse my mind in the fictional realm and I get confused when I suddenly see Lando Calrissian as Harvey Dent. This gets to be a little more confusing across television where you tend to build a relationship with characters over the course of episodes, seasons, and years.

With this in mind, something possessed me to map out the television I have followed over the last year. The initial result is below. My explanation to how I structured this after the jump.

initial map

This chart includes all television I have followed over the last year. This does not include all television I have watched this year nor does it include all new shows. What this captures is series that I have seen at least a half season of over the course of the last 12 months. It should also be noted that I did not use IMDB or any other resource for creating this map. I only referred to the internet to capture proper spelling of character and actor names. I initially wanted to include notable movies that I remembered an actor from (John C McGinley from The Rock, Natascha McElhone from Ronin) but I opted to leave that information out as it would likely muddy the visualization. The final visualization is below.


Download pdf


– This was, as mentioned, created with minimal reference assistance
– I initially got Heroes and X-Men: Origins confused and had Dominic Monaghan connected to Heroes, FlashForward, and Lost
– This is the result of just a few hours, not the fanciest visualization but the information is fairly accurate
– This only includes primary characters. Guest appearances and one-time spots are not included

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