If You Can’t Tweet Them, Join Them

If you can’t beat them, join them? And we all want to be at trending Twitter topic, right? Even if the topic isn’t true? Remember when Jeff Goldblum died? That’s why I have decided to roll with the #farkaslikesdudes hashtag.

Let me be clear, I am straight. The history of this tweet is simple. @mccue was tired of the #fail tweets filling the Twitterverse and started tweeting #success. Hardly the first, I do give him credit, although begrudgingly, for bringing it into my Twitter feed. @mbueti then followed suit. I went along by mocking them both.

Joke’s on me. @dreamhost has their win an iPad contest going on, excluding participants who tweet #fail or #win inappropriately. But in the end I do have a hashtag with my name in it. Even if it is untruthful it would be on the more awesome side of the fence to be a non-athlete, non-politician, non-celebrity with his own hashtag as a trending topic. So have at it @mbueti @mccue and @georgiamoon. Just remember the request. If you are to make this a trending topic, do it in a pure way. No bots to inform people or to RT the tag,e tc. This has to be done the good ol’ fashioned way. There you have it, enjoy. Do your worst

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