The Ten Plagues of UX

In honor of Passover, I have come up with the Ten Plagues of UX. And if you need a refresher on the ten original plagues, I direct you to Wikipedia or for the more visual explanation The Ten Commandments.

  1. Change Requests
    Like the Nile turning into blood this is a shock and out of the blue.
  2. Pixel Misalignment
    They multiply before your eyes. You fix one and two more appear.
  3. Focus Groups
    Instead of lice? No further explanation.
  4. Power Failure
    Some might say this is darkness, but I’m thinking swarm of flies so think you cant see. Plus, the ninth plague is more fitting in my opinion.
  5. Expedited Timeline
    Which has the same result as your livestock dying
  6. Feature Creep
    Might feel like boils
  7. Cluttered Code
    You don’t see the damage till it stops, you go outside, and the windshield looks like a pepperoni pizza
  8. QA Testing
    Locust, that eat all the hard work and require immediate solutions
  9. Blue Screen of Death
    I thought about power failures here, but thought this more appropriate. See the fourth plague.
  10. Crash of a Primary Server
    Self explanatory

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