What We Are, On Design Titles

I need to start with a disclaimer: I do not like the What is my title, what is our field called, what is it that we do discussions that are always existing within IxD proffesional communities. Call yourself what you want, what gets you work, and what makes you happy. If you can speak to your work, that is enough.

Still, I have to call out an entertaining observation. Thursday I was at TEDxPhilly. Sitting in a row during one session was myself, Amber DeRosa, Lori Cavallucci, and Greg Siegal. During one of the pre-talk pauses we were introducing ourselves to others in our vicinity. Being asked what we do, I introduced myself as an ‘interactions designer’. Amber then introduced herself as a ‘UX architect’. Now as I said, I am not one to split hairs. All four of us are members of PhillyCHI, and Greg even works in the same office as me. But it was the prime opportunity to see how the rest of our crowd identifies. So, trolling the waters, I cautiously asked what Lori and Greg call their work. Lori said she is a ‘UX designer’ and Greg, knowing an answer that would just itch said ‘Designer with a capital D’.

Again, we all do the same work, but all with different flavors. None of these are wrong (though the capital D thing needs to go away). Each one of our job descriptions are synonyms for the same thing, and each one of us can muster a good fake argument as to which title as actually right. But it doesn’t matter. We all knew that. And after a brief laugh we continued on with the TED Talks.

Why I am writing this? Stop with the define yourself questions and the titles. Find one that makes you happy, stick to it, be done.

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