Interaction Design Through Mixology, Chapter 0

I recently had the opportunity to present Interaction Design Through Mixology at Midwest UX in Columbus, OH. This is very exciting for me as I presented in front of my peers on a topic that is passionate to me and not directly tied to a product or design. This was a chance to draw parallels to design while not focussing on a specific deliverable, tool, or method. As I crafted my presentation, I found there is a lot I could cover. I started with a list of 5 chapters that grew week after week. With only 20 minutes to present, I cut the list down. Over the next few weeks, I will go into each section of my talk, and those I did not include, to to continue the conversation.

For those interested, my slides from the presentation may be found here.

My plan is to release a new section every 1-2 weeks in addition to any other writing I might tackle (I know, it’s been some time since I’ve written). Please share any thoughts regarding the posts and feel free to use the #DTDD hashtag (define the damn drink) on twitter to continue the conversation.

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