Announcement: Next Steps

The last two and a half years have been an incredible professional journey. I moved from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia as I transitioned as an in-house designer with PNC Bank, NA to consulting with Electronic Ink.

While at Electronic Ink I learned more skills and got to challenge myself in ways I never expected. That is why it is bittersweet to announce at the end of the month I will be leaving Electronic Ink and joining Bresslergoup. This is an exciting opportunity for me where I will be going back to my roots in a matter of speaking. Bresslergroup partners industrial designers with interaction designers while continuing in a consulting capacity.

I am looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that await. I cannot thank my colleagues and friends I have made at Electronic Ink enough for the experience, exposure to business challenges, and friendships. I hope to be able to share more as I start this next step in my professional journey.

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