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2013 IA Summit in Review

Today I return to the office after an extended weekend in Baltimore for the 2013 IA Summit. In spite of the expected lag from a weekend of discussing IA and catching up with friends, I want to capture some of my thoughts from the week, while still fresh.


Overall Reactions

This was an amazing Summit. Thank you to Kevin, Crystal, and Giles as well as the entire volunteer committee for putting on a great show. Having been involved with organizing the conference in 2012 , I know what goes into an event like this and the dedication shows through.

A special thank you to everyone who attended The F Word…Fail and provided any feedback throughout my preparation and presentation.

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Announcement: Next Steps

The last two and a half years have been an incredible professional journey. I moved from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia as I transitioned as an in-house designer with PNC Bank, NA to consulting with Electronic Ink.

While at Electronic Ink I learned more skills and got to challenge myself in ways I never expected. That is why it is bittersweet to announce at the end of the month I will be leaving Electronic Ink and joining Bresslergoup. This is an exciting opportunity for me where I will be going back to my roots in a matter of speaking. Bresslergroup partners industrial designers with interaction designers while continuing in a consulting capacity.

I am looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that await. I cannot thank my colleagues and friends I have made at Electronic Ink enough for the experience, exposure to business challenges, and friendships. I hope to be able to share more as I start this next step in my professional journey.

Is Failure Necessary?

I have gone through the last few years waiting for the other shoe to fall. Moving from in-house to consulting, I have been continually tossed into the deep and and I have made it out still kicking – to some degree or another. Still, for the memorable past I have had the notion that I cannot truly succeed until I have tasted failure. As I socialize this idea with my friends and mentors, I question what type of failure is necessary.

A certain level of honor has become associated with martyrdom lately. Is figuratively “dying” to prove a point an efficient way to create forward progress for your team or yourself?

– Ian Smile, @endashes
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Midwest UX and Fresh Blood

Last weekend I attended the Midwest UX conference in Columbus, Ohio. I have attended CHI conferences, IDEA conferences, Interactions and local TEDx events. This conference stands out though as one of the more unique.

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Get Out of Your Cave

Get out of the office, your den, your cave, and go work in public. You’ll enjoy it.

This is hardly an epic realization and more a self reflection. I recently went ‘mobile’ again with a purchase of a 13″ MBP and I am no longer tied to my desktop at home. And there is something to be said about working out in the open.

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Why We Dread Jury Duty

This week I answered my summons for Jury Duty. This is the second time I have been called for Jury Duty and my first time in Philadelphia. This is not a civil service that comes lightly, and there is a great deal of responsibility to it. Yet that is not why everyone I know dreads getting that piece of mail. It means a day of waiting, removed from technology, not working, not communicating, and possibly being called to sit for more days in an actual jury. But is it truly Jury Duty that we dread or the entire experience around it?

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Picasso’s Blue Period of IxD Design

Artists’ are said to have different periods in their artwork where they investigate a specific theme, technique, or media. These are influenced by emotions, technology, and any of a dozen other internal and external influences. Typically these periods mark evolution of an artist’s talent and skill and a maturation of their perspective. So how might these artistic movements translate to design?

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