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A Rant: Privacy and the Internet

It’s that time of year again. People are applying for jobs having received their degrees and they are ‘scrubbing’ or ‘sanitizing’ their social media presence for fear that hiring managers will see pictures of them doing keg stands, drugs, or just generally being a little less than responsible on the internet. This concern is valid. HR departments have been known to use employees, interns, and their own accounts to dig up ‘dirt’ on people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, to see if the individual presented on the resume and at the interview matches the personality on the internet. As a result, I have seen numerous friends and colleagues try and game the system by changing their last name to their middle name (or something elseĀ all-together) on Facebook and other sites.

What we need to remember, is that this is a placebo solution. Changing your name doesn’t change what posted. It simply makes it more obvious you are trying to hide something. Aaron Irizarry (@aaroni) posted on Facebook this week:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.30.01 AM

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What We Are, On Design Titles

I need to start with a disclaimer: I do not like the What is my title, what is our field called, what is it that we do discussions that are always existing within IxD proffesional communities. Call yourself what you want, what gets you work, and what makes you happy. If you can speak to your work, that is enough.

Still, I have to call out an entertaining observation. Thursday I was at TEDxPhilly. Sitting in a row during one session was myself, Amber DeRosa, Lori Cavallucci, and Greg Siegal. During one of the pre-talk pauses we were introducing ourselves to others in our vicinity. Being asked what we do, I introduced myself as an ‘interactions designer’. Amber then introduced herself as a ‘UX architect’. Now as I said, I am not one to split hairs. All four of us are members of PhillyCHI, and Greg even works in the same office as me. But it was the prime opportunity to see how the rest of our crowd identifies. So, trolling the waters, I cautiously asked what Lori and Greg call their work. Lori said she is a ‘UX designer’ and Greg, knowing an answer that would just itch said ‘Designer with a capital D’.

Again, we all do the same work, but all with different flavors. None of these are wrong (though the capital D thing needs to go away). Each one of our job descriptions are synonyms for the same thing, and each one of us can muster a good fake argument as to which title as actually right. But it doesn’t matter. We all knew that. And after a brief laugh we continued on with the TED Talks.

Why I am writing this? Stop with the define yourself questions and the titles. Find one that makes you happy, stick to it, be done.

IDEA10 Lesson: Beer Tasting is Card Sorting

IDEA10 kicked off the only way a conference should: dinner and drinks. Starting officially Thursday night, I went with 8 of the early arrivers to Triumph Brewery on Wednesday. There, I ordered the flight of beer (8-3 oz glasses of different beers on tap). I immediately started reorganizing the beers from order of light to dark, taking small sips of the ones I was unfamiliar with. I had it in my mind to start with the lightest beer, end with the darkest and to make sure I enjoyed the last beer (even if I had to put a lighter beer in that position). This was going good and well until @russu criticized my order. He would have started heavy, ended light. To that we each explained our reasons (dark for dessert was mine, end on a lighter easier beer was his). But I now realize, beer tasting is card sorting.

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It’s Not You, It’s We

“It’s not you, it’s me” is one of the classic breakup lines. Seinfeld even has an entire episode dedicated to the line in which George gets quite adamant about inventing the line. Now this has very little direct application in a client-consultant relationship and this post has nothing to do with breaking up with a client. Instead, it is how this line might be adapted and used during conversations with a client.

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FriendFinder Now Available!

About a year ago I wrote myself a note about a mobile application to develop, FriendFinder. At this time, I had been on Twitter for just over a year and I was starting to make contacts with designers from far outside of Pittsburgh (where I worked at the time). Meant as a total joke, FriendFinder is the analog mobile application to help spot my Friends and Followers on the go.

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A Social Media Goof

A brief post to point out an observation I made yesterday. Watching the ABC remake of V, I wanted to Tweet about some of the activity on the show. I went for the hashtag method #V. What I then learned shocked me (about as much as learning the first time around the Vs are lizards)… hashtags cannot be single characters.

So, I understand the need for consistency to the original and would not change that for a second. But I wonder what is ABC and the show losing in terms of viral marketing and social networking if the show cannot be captured in a simple Twitter hashtag? In todays world of social networks and back channel conversations it is important to keep social media in mind and where you might have created constraints to limit your identity from fully saturating certain markets.

GoogleWave, review

Monday I got my GoogleWave invite from a corworker. Getting home, I set it up to confirm or deny all the rumors of its qualities. My review is as follows:

“Wait, this is it? How do I add people? Search for people? Find groups I might like? The html heavy interface is causing the most random things to highlight. Moving a tab to the top of the page when I minimize it? Really? What is going on here?”

So yes, my review of GoogleWave is shorter than the introduction and conclusion to this post. Please find me on Wave ‘dafark8’ so I can have a better experience. Thanks all.

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